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Just some reassurance

Just letting you guys know that you're not missing anything by not being on my friends list. This journal is public because its mostly just art updates and occasionally I'll post con reports or important announcements. Please don't feel bad if I don't add you to the list, I usually only add people I've known for awhile, would like to get to know, or who's art or entries I'm interested in, but that changes a lot as I'm constantly friending and defriending people on rotation. I do this because if I find myself skimming a lot, I know its time to prune things. I haven't pruned it in awhile so this isn't some announcement that I'm going to or anything, but just letting you know that if you find yourself unfriended one day its not cuz I hate you or our friendship is over or something really really dumb like that, its just because I read your journal for awhile and maybe found we dont have a lot in common or maybe I just prefer chatting with you online to reading your journal. Nothing personal. =)

They should seriously call it a watch list rather than a friends list, cuz I hardly know a lot of you guys anyways ;P
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