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Art Book Review ala Thornwolf

This will probably be a post for the more artistically inclined, as I may come across as a bit of an art snob, but I think in this case it is most definitely warranted, especially in regards to a reference/how-to book. Oftentimes my dad will selflessly buy me a new art book to add to my collection. Most of the time they are Photoshop help books or animation books, but this time dad bought me a book called "Character Design Studio" by Chris Patmore. A character design book...niiiice! But as I flipped through the pages it became obvious that dad didn't really look at this thing before he bought it. My dad knows quality, and this obviously was not it. Under the cut are some of the artistic horrors that somehow made it through the editing process to be included in this horrible publication. Keep in mind that this is the quality of almost every page in this thing, and it doesn't get any better. Maybe for a brief shining moment, but the next page just brings more eye-bleeding. Whatever you do, do NOT buy this book, unless of course you want a good laugh, then please by all means do.

Mah chin, she look like bawlz

I almost busted up laughing reading this. I swear to god I did not write that text.

No matter how you try to justify its existance, its still a furry.

This one ...well I just can't explain it. This is why I am so against learning to draw solely from sphere-shapes. People seem to think that youre supposed to start with a circle for a head, and not continue from there. um. yeah. you're missing a lot there pal, like mandibles. You can tell the artist was a disgruntled housewife by her choice of weapon. That'll teach Earl to not forget to bring home a box of wine.


"Is there something comical about my appearance when I'm driving my automobile?"

...With guest colorist, Ulario :D

With a cameo by Dryer Lint Boy!

Yike. Just...yike.

My mommy made my fursuit ;___;

This chick wins at character turnarounds. Potato peeler man is SO HARDCORE! \m/ *edit* Oh my god I just realized his head looks like a big fat sperm in that action shot.


And there you have it folks. The worst book in my collection. Humorous, no?
Let this be a reminder that if you're going to publish a book this bad, its fair game on the internet.
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