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*sigh* like a bad relationship, i dont know WHY i still love someone when theyre such a jerk

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with tav other than the fact that he attended a Five Iron Frenzy show at warped tour with me.
This has to deal with the band itself....
Okay, i LOVE Five Iron Frenzy with a PASSION. i know Reese doesnt like California for whatever reason. what the hell? i dont like Colorado! big deal, at least i dont generalize. after all THEY are FROM Colorado. i dont hold it against them.
also, i was surfing their FAN SITE!!! yes thats right, this is a site dedicated to them so fans can access it and feel just a *little* bit closer to their favorite band by knowing who they are, where theyre touring, seeing pics, buying merch, whatever.
I decided to look at the bios. now, if he truly feels this way, then why the hell doesnt he just QUIT and get a REAL job and stop griping about it? I absolutely love this band and i think Reese is extremely talented, but God, be a good "christian" and GET OVER IT! If youre famous theres gonna be annoying people, but thats just cuz they like you, not cuz theyre trying to be annoying. at least famous people have the sense to not talk badly about their fans. Reese, who pays for your fucking equipment in the long run? YOUR FANS DO!!!! You make us feel like its such a crime to try to talk to you or even LOVE you, and we wont love you anymore, and coming from someone who has all your albums and has made it their lifelong goal just to see you in concert for a measley 15 minutes, thats pretty sad.

I feel like a little kid who just found out their favorite super hero was nothing more than a fat bald man in a mask and cape. as of right now, well...lets just say /i/ dont feel like flying anymore =P *sulks*

this is him being a total jerk in his bio. he could have at least been a little more tactful and not made it seem that hes so much greater than everyone else....and for the record, i guess /im/ stupid, cuz i actually like some of the movies he mentioned =P not to mention i was treated rather badly at their merch stand when 'no one' was behind me in line thanx.

Full Name:

Michael Reese Roper.

P.S. If you call me “Mike”, “Michael”, or “Mikey”, or any variant of the above, I will be forced to pull your underwear up over your head until the elastic rips and you have a cute little headband like that one lady in Flashdance. My name is not MIKE. My name is REESE. No, it is not a STAGE NAME, my parents have never wanted me to be called MIKE, and REESE is working just fine. Lots of people go by their middle names, it’s going to be okay.


Steamboat Springs Colorado


June 30th, 1973, yeah I’m old. Shut up.

Favorite stuff (music, books, movies, or anything else you can think of):

Favorite Salad Garnish: Windex Favorite Dromedary: Alpaca Favorite Euphemism for the Burned Cheese at the Bottom of the Fondue Pot: Chong

Worst Movies of all Time:

1. Quadrophenia- This movie was produced by the WHO? It makes me almost not like them. At least it wasn’t Big Audio Dynamite. I was actually hoping for the kid to kill himself for most of the movie so it would end. Thank you Quadrophenia, for making me a worse person. 2. Blues Brothers 2000- This movie is used in some hospitals to save money on stomach pumping. If you listen closely, you can hear John Belushi scraping at the inside of his coffin through most of the film. 3. The 5th Element- This movie goes downhill so fast that it actually made me like the part with Luke Perry at the beginning. If you like it, you’re stupid. 4. Ghostbusters 2- No, no, no, I can’t handle this. 5. Scooby Doo- I haven’t even seen it, but come on, seriously.

Favorite Cereal:

Sugar Coated Moose Doots.

Single? Married? Dating? Engaged?:

I am the single most merry person you have ever engaged in conversation with on this particular date in history! Isn’t that informative? Hooray!


Donkey Basketball, Dwarf Tossing, Alpaca Racing, Trying to avoid going to Florida. Logging onto the Message Board under an evil pseudonym and making fun of people.


No pets, but I have many PESTS. Lice, silverfish, termites, wood-rats, and sandwiches.

How long have you been playing your instrument for:

Man, this question is so biased I can’t even begin to talk about it. I get it, I’m being kicked out of the band just because I can’t play any instruments, is that it? Is that how it’s going to be? Well FINE. I never liked your dumb band anyway.

Did you go to College, what did you study?:

I went to college for 10 years. No, I’m not retarded. Lot’s of people take 10 years to finish college. They’re called... oh, never mind. I think I studied Biology or something.

Brands of Equipment you use:

I have SURE In-Ear monitors with some really expensive headphones that my friend Dan gave me ( you saved my life bro). A lot of people think it’s some sort of costume, or they think that I can hear them yelling at me from the front of the stage when I have them in. It’s not, and I can’t. Also, if you have something to say to me, maybe when I’m playing a concert on stage is not the best time. If you do this, maybe it’s time we work on our social skills.

Favorite Venues to Play at:

The Seam- Wappinger’s Falls, NY
The Place Where Hippies Hang Out A Lot- Boulder, Co
Joe Yerke’s Dog’s Birthday Party- Royal Oak, Mi
Norm’s Children's Bootery- Denver, Co

Favorite FIF song to play:

Every New Day
Least Favorite: Combat Chuck. If you have to ask why, you’re dumb.

Future plans (after FIF):

I plan to:
1. Climb Every Mountain
2. Cross Every stream
3. Follow every heartbeat, until I reach my dream.
... also, high on a hill was a lonely goat herd, yodeleheeyodeleheeyodelohoohoo.

What do you like best about being in FIF?:

1. People on our message board that write messages without using actual words, like:
“ Hey, wen R U guyz gon 2 come bak 2 Cali? Cooool! Letz go 2 the MALL.” or “ I luv it wen they sing 2 hell w/ the devil!”... Oh, I love that. 2. When people think WE wrote “ To Hell With The Devil”. 3. People that try and talk to me when I’m watching the merch table when either A. There is a loud band playing and I can’t hear them, or B. There are 42 other people waiting to buy things behind them. Oh, wait, that is what I hate about FIF. What I like is the free sandwiches.


Scum of The Earth!

Favorite Bible Verse:

Genesis 27:17

What advice do you offer to aspiring musicians?

Don’t start a band. If you do, the rest of your existence will be spent answering questions like: “When are you coming back to California?”, two days after you finished playing ten shows there. It’s nice to know you’re appreciated. Also, you shouldn’t start a band because all the stupid songs you made up as you went along will be the only songs that people cheer for when you play, while the complex musical pieces you slaved away writing in a closet for eight months will be forgotten. Lastly, never wear ANY costumes on stage EVER. You will never escape the day you do. Every stupid show you play, and every time someone sees you in public, they will ask you questions like “Hey, where’s the cow suit?”. I lost the freaking cow suit okay? Let it go people.

Anything you want to add or comment on:

One dark day in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other. The deaf policeman heard the noise, came running and shot those two dead boys. If you don’t believe this lie is true, ask the blind man, he saw it too.

so yeah, to any of you bandmembers, if you ever read this *which i doubt you will* you should really be more careful how you word things. i know he was joking in most instances, but aside from this and hearing about the way you treat your fans and insult people from cali *and you have a LOT of fans in cali mind you*, well that just sux. im a christian and a very huge fan. if you make people like me feel alienated, how do you expect to sell more records?
im gonna rethink buying "electric boogaloo" *sulks*

Sonnie Johnston

Take the Five Iron Frenzy personality test!

i bet if HE was from Cali, theyd think nothing of it. oh yeah....and i went all the way to freaking NEW YORK to see you guys live! and as for my live journal picture...yeah...guess what. im WEARING A FIF SHIRT I BOUGHT AT THAT CONCERT!

im not angry just...kinda annoyed and shocked that a band i love so much would be so...well..rude and self centered, not directly at me but in general.
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