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Hey all, I'm accepting a limited amount of conbadge commissions that can be done BEFORE AC!

Right now I can accept 3. As I complete them, I might accept more, but I don't want to swamp myself as I still have other obligations, but this is mainly due to recent events and expenses, a serious personal issue has left a giant gaping hole in my bank account that I can't get back, meaning that as of now, I'm heh...going to a strange city by myself with about $20 to my name.

I will still be completing my outstanding commissions of course, as you can see by my post last night I'm still in "digital sketch" mode, but I admittedly enjoy doing conbadges quite a bit, so this is fun for me =)

Prices are as follows

Pencil - $15
Ink only - $25
Color - $35

shipping is $1.50


At this point since its nearing the convention time, I can only accept Paypal for payment. Turnaround can be anywhere from one afternoon to a week, and I will ship as soon as it is completed. If you need rush delivery, please let me know and we can make arrangements.

Comment if interested!

1. JayFox
2. klandagi
3. wa_lawdawg

*Edit* Positions are filled, thanks so much you guys! They'll open up again once I finish them and I'll post a notice here =)
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