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Thornwolf's Convention Rules

Well its that time again: Convention season. I know I'm posting this a bit early but eh...whatever.

I posted a list of preferences and rules for interacting with me for FC, but I felt the list needed to be updated as I've heh, recently had some experiences prompting me to make a few things a bit more clear ;P Please don't think of me as an uber-picky person. I'm actually quite easy to get along with, but because of my size and the fact that I won't know anyone at this thing, some things need to be observed.

Please do NOT:

-Scritch me. I hate it, especially when done by random people who I don't know. I've had far too many strangers come up and rub my back sensually without so much as a "hello" and it made me incredibly uncomfortable and afraid of people. I know people mean well, but when someone sneaks up on me like that it makes my "fight or flight" mode go into overdrive.

-Pat, scratch, rub, or otherwise touch the top of my head. I often put a bit of hairgel in my hair to calm down the frizzies and I really hate the idea of people's greasy hands getting in my hair. I also feel that patting me on the head is a reassurance that I'm short, which doesn't feel so good. If you happen to do so, I will flinch and get annoyed, please consider this a formal "please don't do that". Playing with my hair and tugging on my hair playfully is reserved for people I know closely, but for this con, lets just say "Don't touch the 'doo!"

-Say "Hey you know? You're really really short!" Really? I had no idea! =O I'm 4'11" and I have a serious Napoleon complex and will often act bigger than I am, stating the obvious only bruises my ego. Commenting on how tiny I am is ok to a degree but acting as if I had no idea and that its the funniest thing ever is not cool. I had a lot of people at FC write in their journal "ZOMG Thornwolf is tiny!" That is fine, I think its kinda funny, but I just hate it rubbed in my face like "hey pick her up and toss her around its like midget wrestling!" or "how's the weather down there, short-stop?!" *facepalm*

-Murring and yipping and otherwise not acting like a human when were in a public setting, like a restaurant or *cough* lasertag *eyes panth ;P * kind of embarrasses me. Otherwise I don't care much, I just prefer to keep things on the down low when in public. I'm not telling you you can't do it I'm just saying it does kinda make me slightly uncomfortable depending on the location

-Do not pull my tail. I don't want my jeans ruined from the safetypin. Lightly is fine if you wanna get my attention but no yanking it or dragging me back or around by it, otherwise you owe me a new pair of pants ;)

-Tapping me repeatedly on the shoulder or otherwise heckling me when I'm OBVIOUSLY talking to someone else is rude. You shouldn't do this to /anyone/ in /any/ situation anyways, but I figured I'd list it here just as a reminder.

-Ask me to draw you anything. This is a big one for this con, as I am going to be very busy schmoozing with people and don't want to end up with homework. If we happen to be sitting at a restaurant or a room party or something of the sort then yeah okay I'm open to /trades/ (which I have the right to decline depending on the situation), but this con is about having fun. Yes I know I'm usually open for bribes (and usually /very/ easy to bribe) but I'm gonna be a good wuff this con and not get in over my head art thanx. ;) (FYI I promised a couple people I would draw them things, they already know though...*cough*bigbluefox*cough*)

-Don't be offended if I don't stay with you very long. I'm notorious for just going "well that was great" and leaving, cuz I want to see as much as I possibly can and do everything I can rather than hanging with the same three people and not seeing all there is to see. I hate feeling obligated to certain people, which is why dinner plans are usually the time to keep me in one place for a long time ;)

Please DO:

-Come up and say hi to me. I promise I don't bite, contrary to popular belief. Totally feel free to greet me =) If I'm talking to someone or otherwise preoccupied, please understand I wont be too talkative but I'll try at least to say a quick "hey hello, sorry kinda busy at the moment". If I don't say anything it means I didn't hear you.

-Shake my hand. I love meeting new people and am not at all skittish when introduced (unless of course I'm a fangirl of yours, then I'll just melt at your feet...I'll try to remember to bring a mop)

-Hug me. I'm one of those weird people who's not opposed to hugs (provided you bathe regularly..if you feel you may stink, don't bother, as I'm armpit level with most people height-wise). HOWEVER I try to reserve this for people I've communicated with either through Yerf or LJ, so really if I don't know you well at all then its probably best we kept it to hand shaking, but I'm not gonna bite your head off or run away if you hug me.

-Feel free to come up to me in fursuit. I like (most) costumes and admittedly I've always had a fondness for hugging people in costume (stems from my many visits to Disneyland..squee!) So if you're a costumer and you don't like getting hugged, stay away from me ;)

-Invite me to dinner. The worst I could say is "I already have plans" right? Granted I would prefer this for people I've, again, communicated with through Yerf/LJ, as I don't particularly hang out with strangers for prolongued periods of time. Please be aware though that if you invite me, silber will be in tow most likely unless he's already made plans, so if you invite me, count on me bringing a guest ;) So far I know we definitely have a sushi-date with narumi and the gang as well as our own venture into the wilds of Philly (anyone know a good steak house in the area?), but hey, I'm always open for suggestions.

-Talk to me about art. I love art discussion.

-Call my cellphone (if you have the number already) if you would like to get ahold of me. I'll have it on my beltloop in the holster. Mmm..holster. If I don't answer, leave a message stating who you are (aliases preferred to real name please, as I'm horrible with real names) and a number to get back to you at and I'll call back.


Well I think that's it. Wow, looking at that that's a pretty long list of specifics, but really its more common sense regarding strangers than actual rules. Truth be told, I may be MIA for most of this convention as I might wander off and do my own thing in Philly with one or a few friends, only coming to the convention briefly, but we shall see. Please just allow me to wander.

Hope to see you there!
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