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lytewings is my ride to AC from New York and back again. Not only that, but she's also the ride for visioncrafter, dragoncreator, narumi and redpaw as well. Well right now she's in some serious financial trouble and unless she gets some funds together, I and a few artists are up shit creek without a paddle in terms of a ride situation =/

lytewings is offering very reasonably priced commissions for really cool things like incense burners, plushes as well as artwork. Will you please check out her LJ for a pricelist and maybe commission her?

I really don't want to have to take a cab up to Philly, I'm pretty broke myself, but I'm going to help out as best I can as well with this.

*edit* If you don't want to commission Lyte, narumi is willing to take tablet sketches (like I did) for 10 bucks, one char no BG.

I would love to do that as well but unfortunately I have other obligations to meet, but Naryu does some fine quality work. Thank you!
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