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Ok guys, tomorrow I'm leaving for New York and then ultimately, Philly for Anthrocon.

Looks like silber and bigbluefox will be picking me up from the airport tomorrow (yayez) and taking me to narumi's house.

How to spot me at AnthroCon..well uh..I posted that drawing. I'll have my Maly hat, aviators, and Friday or Saturday I might be wearing my CHP t-shirt, all other days eh..dunno. I'll also have a *sigh*...tail. I dyed the tailtip black this time though so it matches Thorn better ;D Those of you who know my cell phone number who are going to AC, please feel free to call me. Those who know my cellphone who AREN'T going to AC, please try not to call me unless its an emergency. I seriously don't wanna be bugged too much this week =/

I'm not sure what my badge looks like cuz silber made me one and he has yet to give it to me, so here's for hoping he didn't leave it in Germania. Otherwise I'll have the one XianJaguar made for me which can be seen here: and the one I made for myself for FC here: Yeah I know it says FC shutup mkay ;P

So yeah, you guys read my "specifications" (read: con rules), but that aside, hope everyone has a good time, and I will be seeing you all shortly! This will be my first time going somewhere where I didn't know a soul from previous meetups, so yay for meeting strangers! *freaks out*
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