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I got to meet XianJaguar! YAY!

Brenda and i got to meet each other yesterday,it was fun!!
She was originally going to come down to where i live so we can get a giant chimichanga at Aibertos, but mom decided to kick me out for the...weekend? week? i dunno. *grrs*
so we went to this one park to go on a hike. now me, well, im not exactly the athletic type, so at first im like *oh god im gonna get worn out the first 5 steps =P * but i was surprised when i still had enough energy to run circles around April when i got back to Junes house =)
right when we got there i saw a coyote and i pointed it out to her. it was just walking along casually and she thought it was a dog, but upon closer inspection it was in fact a coyote! *havent seen one of those in awhile! not since i almost ran over one =P *
so we ran out of the car to go find it. sneaky coyote....had us on a wild goose chase =P

there was this murky pond type thing that when you threw rocks into it it didnt really go *splash*. it went *glorp*. ew. =P
but there was a really neat looking area the sorta led towards the dam, but it was blocked off by barbed wire and a fence. now youd think that barbed wire means *do not enter* but the way i figure it, if they wanted to keep us out they would have made it a LOT harder to get past. we just swung around to the other side and cut across to another trail! no sense going all the way around. and i found some cool bleached snail shells along the way =)
i hadnt realized the dry spell were going through until Brenda pointed out that all the places we were standing used to be completely covered by water the last time she visited. wow, thats pretty sad, especially cuz the moss had gotten all hard and bed sheet like...
we found this part of the dam that when you looked over it you were eye level with the water.
FISH! i didnt see any but she did. i threw snail shells at them =D

i dont know why, but im obsessed with dead things. Tav thinks im a "creepy little girl" for being that way but....heh. i made it my goal to find some sort of bones and pray that theyre bleached and not all covered in guts still. *icky*
considering my snail shells were all bleached as well as any other type of 'formerly living' things, i thought that if i WERE to find any kind of bones, my chances that theyd be clean were pretty good.

we looked around, found absolutely nothing, no evidence of an animal aside from tracks and broken down bird boxes. *which contained nothingbut sticks...i shook one out*

Along the way we saw a lot of birds, which faked us out into thinking it was the coyote again, and heard raccoons, and Brenda told me about the book of Revelation which i had a LOT of questions on. She did a really good job in explaining it. now i think im able to get over my drastic fear of "the end of the world" now =) *whew* thanks Brenda!

she had a map with her, but it wasnt any good. not only can i not read maps very well *unless someone drew them right then and there with an explanation* but this one was absolutely useless =P
topographical my butt! tell us how to get to the parking lot!

earlier shes like, "yeah, youd have to be a 'tard to get lost here."

then later shes like "yeah, remember when i said youd have to be a 'tard to get lost here?"
"youre lost arent you"
" wheres the parking lot?!"
LOL! ah well, at least i found some feathers *FINALLY* and while Brenda was looking for blue birds, i spotted...*drumroll please* BLEACHED BONES!!! woo hoo!
i found a spine and what we figured is a clavicle. it has a ball socket joint on it, but its really small. the spine is HUGE though! its almost as big as mine im sure, *which made me nervous at first..* small child got lost in the woods? hope not, or id be tampering with evidence *is paranoid* looks like it belonged to a large dog though honestly. the second bone doesnt look at all human. ill post pics of em later so you can see for yourself.

we found some cacti that were in bloom. I told Brenda about prickley pears and cactus fruit are edible. of course we were curious to see if this one was edible so we cut one off *carefully* and ate some of the inside junk. it was good! tastes almost exactly like a pomegranite! and Brenda tried some of the stuff surrounding the seeds which tastes sorta like an apple *i didnt try it though..mebbe should have*
the suck part about that was, the poor jaguar got a cactus needle stuck in the roof of her mouth! nooooo!! I hope it went away =(
i got some needles stuck in my little paws but eventually i /think/ i got them all out, though i woke up in the middle of the night feeling a sharp little twinge on my thumb =P

as for safety of eating things that are just growing outside, if i were gonna hallucinate and die it would have happened by now, and knowing the constant state that im in i prolly wouldnt have noticed *is high on life*

Blizzard had posted notes all over the house telling Brenda to pick up nose spray, so we went to Rite Aid and got it, as well as something to drink *gah!* we couldnt find a 7-11

She also explained to me how to make customized magnets, so we went to Staples to get some supplies, i cant wait to try it out!

after that she walked me to my car and we sat down on the grass and looked at my sketchbook *glee!*
perhaps if theres a furcon of some sort in SD or nearby we can go together. shes been to a few, and i havent been to any *gasp* i wouldnt know where to begin!

so yeah, that was my day with XianJaguar. Thanks Brenda! it was so much fun! now next time she can come visit me in boring old Rancho Bernardo, *snicker*

oh and note to everyone, when visiting an illegal pet store dont touch the blue ringed octopus
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