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I'm here in New York currently typing on narumi's computer. My flight was good, although I was almost swallowed up by the asscrack of the woman who was sitting next to me. Other than that, I'd highly reccommend JetBlue to anyone.

silber and bigbluefox picked me up from the airport (after much struggle, since silber apparently can't find a needle in a haystack Thornwolf in a traffic jam.) We all went out to eat at some pizza place on Long Island which was decent. Not the best, but good, and better company *winks*

The boys dropped me off at Nar's house where I was greeted by narumi and lytewings who had a cute little plush for me that I had commissioned her for.

Anyhoo..gonna get back to the little pajama party over here. Expecting silber to call me once he gets to Philly so I know he's safe.

...with the way he drives one never knows ;P
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