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Ok so when we last left our hero, she was staying at narumi's house for the evening. silber decided out of the blue and without any provocation or batting of the eyelashes on my part *cough cough* to drive three hours down to take me back to Philly to stay with him and bigbluefox. It was a pleasant turn of events that caused me to get my "convention mode" on a little early.

I'm going to start off with the obligatory non-sequitor stormtrooper that EVERY con must have.

Pretty much the whole con was spent sitting around in the cocktail lounge with silber and bigbluefox. There we met up with huskie666, sabarika, visioncrafter, dragoncreator and several other folks as well.

silber drawing....and never finishing anything eyeing me >=)

dragoncreator (left) and visioncrafter (right).

huskie666: "It was thiiiiiis big!, sabarika: "...and was delicious." XD

kigeni sadfatting in my hat.

bigbluefox filming the action


We sat around, drew a bit, and that was fun. I registered earlier that day and bumped into kenket and gatcat..well..rather...I stalked them and pounced at an opportune moment. It was good to see them again. I also did the same to calicougar and mistahbojangles, who I'm sad to say I didn't get to hang out with too much at the con. Goddamnit we need to go out to dinner next time XD ! *Kidnaps a cougar and forcefeeds her sushi cuz spaghetti is nasty stuff*

silber and bigbluefox ordered Philly cheesesteaks and at first I was hesitant and got a cheeseburger instead, but smelling their meal forced me to get one of my own and needless to say, that became my regular diet for the entire convention. I had at least one a day...*pats paunch* mmyes. One a day =P

I went up to the dealer's den to say hi to the usual suspects, goldenwolfen, foxfeather, kyoht and got to meet some awesome people like synnabar, her table mate Aura, autumn_sunrise amongst others.

I got invited to several room parties, but unfortunately only made it to the yerf party due to the fact that I was always having dinner plans and that's when all the parties happened.

Candid photo from the yerf party, from right to left mauricia, unmutual, basalt, ace_bearpaws (our host) in the background, and terzy on the floor drawing me a pretty. I don't know who the other folks are unfortunately so too bad so sad.

OMG a chmarr at a yerf party??? HOW CAN THAT BE?! He's come to conquer us. *nods*

Poor silber got very bored at the yerf party so he went down to the cocktail lounge and I joined him for some more chatting, more drawing.

One of the evenings, silber and I attempted to go find a sushi restaurant all by ourselves, but the directions the consierge gave us royally sucked and we ended up walking all over the place chasing fireflies (ok, well..I was chasing the fireflies, he was snatching them out of the air like a ninja) so we ended up going to the in-hotel steakhouse, Shula's. This turned out to be a very bad choice. We got there and it seemed swanky, but then they plopped a football onto silber's plate. Yes. A football. I asked "what's the deal with the football?" and the waitress sneered at me and said "um. That's the menu". 0_o Sure enough, there were entrees printed on the damned thing. No prices though, which I knew was a bad sign, so I asked for a paper menu and a price list. The waitress came by with one and also a big tray that had various raw steaks wrapped in saran wrap and she proceeded to explain which steak was what (all of them, despite the size, were 50 bucks each. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me..I could make a pretty darn good steak for under 8 bucks myself), and in the middle of this mountain of meat was a giant lobster which I thought was dead, but he ended up being alive. =( He started wiggling his antennae at me and staring at me with his beady little lobster eyes and I started to cry in the middle of the waitress' meat-speech. silber tried to console me but I was already upset at the fact that this poor little water-less lobster was surrounded by deliciousness and couldn't I asked the waitress "*sob* does the lobster have a name?" and she said in a VERY nasty tone.."NO!" 0_o wow. So, silber and I looked at the menu a bit and shocked at the prices, I decided to order a salad and some lobster bisque (ironic yes..) and he got a salad and a half a lobster appetizer since he's never had lobster before in his life (double ironic...poor Lenny the Lobster). He enjoyed his lobster, my lobster bisque had chunk in it and tasted more like the lobster WADED through some broth rather than being actual bisque, yet was very expensive, and they must have shipped the water in from antarctica since the total bill for the two of us was 51 bucks. A bit sky high, especially since the service was horrible and we got yelled at by our waitress that the main dining room was ONLY for those who were ordering steak..which sucks cuz we didn't exactly go into this place thinking "hey, we're gonna be cheap!" So yeah. Never go there.

I had a hotel room I already paid for all the way on the other side of town (it was relatively cheaper and I got the room when I had different plans and it was non-refundable) so I stayed there one night with silber, but we decided it wasn't worth the commute cost via shuttle/taxi and I spent the rest of the con rooming with him and bigbluefox. I must say, even though I'm one of those chicks who's quite comfortable with men, possibly moreso than women, these guys are VERY clean VERY awesome roommates. For dudes, these guys are immaculate, or maybe that's just by American standards. *thumbs up*!

silber: "I'm too sexy for my lederhosen!", bigbluefox: "Ja! Do your little turn on the catwalk!"

bigbluefox: "Strike a pose"

I think bigbluefox had enough of me snapping odd photos of him and decided to retaliate...take that!

silber attempts to make up for the absence of ruggels by sporting the aviators I got him. <3

Since silber and I were desperate for sushi, we mentioned this to kigeni and chlorophyta, who offered to go with us to a sushi place they knew of in Chinatown, which was ABSOLUTELY delicious. I introduced silber to several of my favorite rolls and I swear it was like a sushi-gasm. AND AND AND I got my avocado fix for the week...mmmm guacamasabi!

ZOMG furries in Chinatown! And that is a chlorophyta-butt and a kigeni butt I spy.

Chinatown architecture

We saw some interesting sign-age along the way back.

And some cop cars!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

They are my spirit animal *glow*

And now for something completely different...silber blowjob face! =O

So once again in the cocktail lounge, silber and I discussed Bailey's and its delicousness. He bought me one, I slorked it faster than a 2 bit whore on a highschool freshman, his eyes bugged, so he offered me his...I slorked that one as well...and then he bought me a beer, which I slorked..but not as fast as him because his awesome blowjob fraternity skills makes him master-chugger.

...aaaand then I got drunk.

Really drunk. (please note that since I simply forgot to take the traditional "Thorn bra cameo" photo that I usually take at gatherings, I humbly ask that you accept this gratuitous crotch shot in its place. Foh-giv-a-ness prease!)

Much giggles were had by all aaaand then security came and told us to shut our room door. Oops. =)

And then came the end of the con where I realized I didn't do as much socializing as I had hoped but still I had a great time =) I had to say goodbye to everyone which was terribly terribly sad, and my roomies had to go back to Germania. *sadfats* I think its safe to say I missed silber the most ;)

Puppies! I look like a mongoloid =<

But after I said goodbye, I went out to starbucks with silverhuskey and we doodled silliness

I then went back to the hotel and sat around with kigeni, some of his buds and I proceeded to fangirl over lizardbeth who dubbed herself the new Thornwolf by pwning my hat, but her hair rebelled and covered half her face so she is now "Phantom of the Maly Hat"

I stayed in narumi's room with her, dragoncreator, visioncrafter, redpaw, and lytewings, and narumi and I ended up going out to Chinese food with some really awesome folks!

Left to right: caishide, Colin, Chiv, and exoditedragon, not shown is "N", who was an awesome fellow but unfortunately the pic I had that featured him came out all blurry and stupid and I figured he wouldn't want me posting it cuz its not flattering. Much love to you too though =)

More knights of the round table = narumi and silverwing. (that's caishide again on the far right)

No sabarika I didn't forget you too...

All in all it was an absolutely wonderful evening with them, they are such awesome folks and I'd definitely hang out with them again =) But yanno...less cockroach stomping and backtracking this time =( Sorry I lose at directions.

Then on the day I left I made a pitstop over to Tavis' (aka engel_wolf's) house and he made me dinner and introduced me to his new awesome diet/vitamin stuff.

engel_wolf's elixer of doooooooom! (and weightloss)

Overall I'd say it was a very very good week, full of awesomeness, surprises, new friends, new feelings, and food..lots and lots of deliciousness =D

Oh and last but not least, the swag!

From Silber:
-Zippo lighter (very sexy..I'll have to scan it)
-some unfinished sketches ;P
-German chocolate..OMNOMNOMNOM
- a (censored) ;)

From the con:
-sketches from various folks (which I will scan)
-A cute little white wolf plushie. Couldn't resist =D

The thing I hate most about these con reports is that I always know I'm forgetting some totally awesome happening/story, so if I forgot something, which I know I forgot lots, please post it here in a comment so everyone can read it and we'll just pretend its part of my original entry. Yes. Do it. <3

Last but not least BIG THANK YOU'S go to lytewings for the transportation and the plushie, narumi for the planning/housing, bigbluefox for not killing me in my sleep letting me stay and being an overall awesome person, and of course silber for just being you...oh and all the driving and the paying and the sweetness and all that cute mushy stuff. *kiss* But I told you that already ;P
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