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Branden called back..

Branden called me today. i had left a message on his voicemail on his birthday. didnt think hed call me buti must admit it was a pleasant surprise. things are always awkward at first when i talk to him, well, given the circumstances of course. he told me how hes doing in the navy and stuff. i asked about his girlfriend and he asked about mine. i then told him i didnt HAVE a girlfriend and hes like "well you know whati mean."
i told him that im extremely happy and it came out that he does, in fact, think that he treated me pretty bad, was a jerk and thought i deserved better. and that hes glad that i found better. i bet it took a lot for him to admit that. even though he also admitted it last time. makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside that hes sorry. *mrr*
it also makes me feel extremely happy that he is, in fact, happy for me. he knows i love tav very much, and says im very lucky to get to see him AND visit all the cool things in NY.

i also found out that the main reason he dumped me was definitely NOT my fault *ya think?*
it was my moms fault. during that time, *i was 14* mom wouldnt even let him take me OUT on a date, which left us chained to the sofa all evening. =P kinda sucked. we rented lots of movies, but in general we always wanted to go out more.
ill have to let mom know of this. that way shell know NOT to make the same mistake again. she cost me one relationship, shes not gonna cost me THIS one.

well that was an eye opener o_O
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