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Ok here's the list of the Comic Con exclusive Pony Project ponies I got for people, please note I am not getting anymore of these damned things. I'm probably not going to go to the con afterall tomorrow, I am far too exhausted..too many people..too many people! ;___; Lets just say the "fench" and crowd stress got the best of me and I need to relax. AnthroCon right next to Comic Con is murder.

The list:

reaperfox - paid with shipping
lin_eek - paid without shipping
frisket17 - not paid yet
katanawolf - not paid yet
hollyannvix - not paid yet, although I got it for you on a whim without you directly asking cuz I heard you mention you wanted one (and I know how much you love ponies), so if you don't want it please let me know
gearpony - not paid yet (you owe me lunch, dude)

To the folks who are not paid yet, please do so in the next week? Theyre 10 bucks a pony and I bought 6 of them for other people, 2 for myself. You do the math, and if you know my attitude towards these kinds of things wherein I lose lots of money at once..heh heh oy vey. Thanks.
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