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Con Sketches!

These are doodles done by me during AnthroCon and Comic Con. I have one more set that I gave to vantid she said she'd scan for me when she gets a chance.

A real media badge I did for silber of his Akita character I made for him at the con. I think he looks like an Akita => I need to work on real media more =( He drew the castle cuz I suck.

Thorn head, random cougar head and silber eating a philly cheesesteak sammich.

More of silber's akita self

Sketch for silverhuskey at Starbucks

Thorn sketches done in a style reminiscent of desertcoyote's cuz I saw her this weekend and she rocks my world. ZOMG baybe let me kiss your naked shoulders! (in joke)

This one doesn't really need a comment

silber and I saw fireflies in Philly. Yayez =)

This preceeded the "crotch shot" in my con report

A little red ridinghood-esque pic that I probably never will finish, but I liked it nonetheless

Me in my Batman getup (yes I wore this to Comic Con) and some random chick with a weeny knife thing. T&A!

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