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There's Itching Powder in my Liederhosen!

Okay this is just hilarious. i absolutely LOVE Rammstein. I loved them when they came out with Du Hast, but i never really listened to a whole cd or anything. Tav got me into Mutter on one of his visits out here *i still have your CD case* and ive been obsessed ever since. i listen to them everytime im driving a winding road *like Ortega, my favorite*, its more fun that way. in fact, the song "Adios" is perfect for such an occasion, but i thought that it was kinda funny. Some of the German words sounded like really bizarre english words and formed odd sentences when you misheard them. Here's what the words to Adios sound like if youre not totally paying attention:

Adios- Rammstein (yes im aware that the word Adios is Spanish...thppt)

theyre licking harder often harder
a painted emu seeks a ride
i wish she hurts her underarm
the melody felt lies against him...fine

a harpies often to the mark
inside a blue toad im a shocked
i have machines to sign her arm
behind dividers and her lands a farm

it is for dick
meat more for dick
nicks blind for dick
for emma

nick is for dick
nicks fathers dish
its blind for dick
for emma

an empty heart fondles harder
the melody felt ousts her out
dimes branded freaking christ(or "die branden freaking kliest"..but thats my ex boyfriend =()
pert and snide and fish heads fly

nick is for dick
nicks fathers dish
nicks blind for wish
for emma

nick is for dick
its fathers dish
nicks blind for dick
for emma

now how hilarious is that? i swear i am SO gonna do more of these.
No offense to those of you who speak german *looks at GrayWolf* im german, i just dont know the language, and you gotta admit, if youre not totally paying attention, it can sound pretty crazy =D

okay, gonna listen to more *drool* love this stuff
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