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New kind of commission - Auction!

Since I've been powering down on quite a few of my commissions (I'm at least half finished with all of them individually) and people have asked me if I offer anything aside from conbadges, I decided to put up a listing on (the new and improved) Furbid for a Black and White digital painting commission:

If you check the auction, you will see that I am offering something like this image:

The bidding ends in 10 days so by then I should have more of my obligations finished *no worries guys*

Again though, all proceeds for my commissions are helping me go to Germany for Christmas (IhopeIhopeIhope), so I really appreciate everything you guys have helped me with so far =)

Anyhoo, check it out, hopefully it strikes someone's fancy =) This is my first time using the new Furbid so we'll see how that goes too, anything weird/different I should know? Thanks!
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