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So I headed down Thursday after work at my soul crushing job as a data-monkey to have dinner with a big group of folks who got to enjoy the first "official" day of the con. Featuring:



resilientspider and gearpony (no autographs please):

desertcoyote (who's naked shoulders I long to smooch):

and ruggels' friend Tom. We laughed, shared stories, chatted, and somehow I ended up with a massive margarita in my hands. I didn't complain though.

But it did give me this throbbing vantid tumor on my head

We signed the check with "Scott's Face" (and a little picture of Scott, but its hard to make out cuz it was dark in the restaurant. They never check anyway):

Then the bucket-o-alcohol went to my head (one whopping margarita) and I dubbed myself too drunk to drive, so ruggels offered to drive me back to resilientspider's house after dropping off desertcoyote off at shoka's house in Escon-dildo. Thus started the idea that I should ride with ruggels for the rest of the con in his car he borrowed from Tom. Why? I don't think I need to tell you why.

Aaaaand I got to drive it =)

So, of course if you stick a drunken thornwolf in an ex police cruiser with a crazy old man and a coyote lady, much fun was bound to happen. desertcoyote couldn't seem to figure out the way to shoka's house, so we ended up taking a nice cruise through Escondido. We whooped it up and hollered when he punched it cuz well, I drive a German washing machine *cough*Jetta*cough* and it doesn't have the "oomf" an American car has and well..lets just say I was impressed...but then again I'm impressed by anything at 11:30 at night with a belly full of mexican food and margarita deliciousness. Scott and I hit the bank at midnight cuz OMG, direct deposit, it was PAYDAY! =DDDD Con monies! He then took me home to resilientspider's house where I got the top bunk and almost fell off. YAY! :D

The next morning we got up, dressed...slowly...and headed for the convention. We had to park in butt fucking Egypt next to the USS Midway, and pretended to be tourists of the Midway museum so we could park in their lot.

This is me pretending to be a tourist.

(obligatory plane shot for silber)

This is me FAILING at pretending to be a tourist.

Ah well. I could have pulled off the ruse if it hadn't been for those meddling Mandalorians

OMG gearpony UNMASKED! ..and stealing my glasses. =(

Finally after what seemed like a hopeless hike through the urban wilderness, we were at the convention. We were greeted by the funny...

The not so funny...(WHY MLP...WHYYYY??)

And the informative...

But then I decided everyone smelled too much like cornchips and ballsweat for my taste, so vantid and I ditched to get sushi which was too big for our mouths

Coupled with really bad wasabi

Seriously though, those rolls were huge. I almost choked on one, and since we were at the bar and my legs are too short for the foot rests (my legs dangle from every chair I sit on, I'm a hobbit), everythign kept falling into my lap, rolling down my legs, and going into my bag. I found sushi in my bag a day later making babies with a stray soybean and I saw one of the babies and it winked at me =( My pants smelled like soysauce for the entire day, WHICH was a nice perfume to have wafting up into my nostrils considering the vast amounts of FENCH that surrounded me in the convention hall. Seriously folks, soap is not against any religion that I know of..use it.

After the con ruggels and I went to my mumsie's house for meatloaf and conversation and had many laughs. Then, since ruggels and I didn't have anything else to do and resilientspider and gearpony were boozing it up with a bunch of other StarWars costumers, we went and saw Fantastic Four and I almost killed a child. Let me explain this..this 5 year old was sitting next to me standing on the seat and hovering over me and poking me, so I moved one seat over. Then the kid stands up and faces the rest of the audience and waves and goes HIIIIIIIIIIIII! So I kept shushing them for the whole movie. Normally I'm not so nasty but I spent the day being crammed between various people's armpits, I'm sure you would be a little cranky too. So then I decided to ask the mother nicely to please control her child..but then I noticed that at all the perilous parts of the movie, the mother would flail her arms and go OOOOH NOOOOO EEEEEEEEE AAAIIEEEEE!! so I figured it was a lost cause. The movie was ok though. I guess. Scott and I then contemplated very seriously about peeing in the bushes next to Mimi's cafe because everything was closed, but we decided against it. We also had a little fun with the police cruiser's PA system and told teenagers to "move out of the lane of traffic" (they were seriously all OMGWTF) and passing Buca De Beppo's (crappy italian food) I think Scott said something like "welcome to the fat house" or something equally as childish. YAY >=D
Then he took me home and I slept like the dead.

Then...Saturday. *sigh* Saturday...the busiest day of the con. 87,000 + people *cringe*. Needless to say this was my basic attitude for the whole day:

We did, however get to meet up with liquidpenguin from re_image

As well as the main girl herself, mshmsh

Then we saw some cool character models from the Narnia exhibit. Obligatory centaur and minotaur shots for dustmeat and silber

Omg I want these bookends...

Then I decided I was far too cranky and pissy to be seen in public (walking 10 billion miles in chuck taylors and a batman mask/cape combo will do that to you) so I asked Mr. Ruggels to take me home. We took a bike-cab to the place where we parked but since there was a baseball game, the road was closed and we still had to walk 2 more blocks after paying him 15 bucks *ripoff!*. We get to where we park and..omigawd...the car is gone. They towed our cruiser. *sigh*. There were no signs posted that said "no parking" but apparently it was "obviously" a no parking zone. It was 6:30, the towing place closed at 7:00, so we had a half an hour to book it to the Gaslamp quarter, get to Dick's Last Resort (a restaurant), pick up Tom (as it was his car), hitch a cab to the towing place and get the car out of jail. We got there at 6:57. *whew!* Made it! $265 later, I was on my way back to resilientspider's house. The girls didn't come home that night so I had the apartment to myself, so I used that time to look through the awesome books ruggels gave me as well as the ones I got at the convention, did a few drawings, talked to silber and internetted. Basically unwinding from the stress of the con. I have no idea why but for some reason this year seriously took a lot out of me.

The next morning, I packed up, headed over to the convention to give resilientspider her house keys, and then drove over to mrsbadexample's house to pick up my dog who she was holding hostage for a week. See? She's obviously been put through hellish torture. All that playing fetch and "good dog" this and "good dog" that...pure hell.

And then I went home and didn't want to do anything other than strip and sleep. Which I did. And I just unpacked yesterday (yes I've been that worn out). So. Lesson learned: only go to comic con on Thursday and Sunday, and take the trolley, DO NOT DRIVE...and look out for invisible "no parking" signs.

OH! And before I forget, as promised, the obligatory Thorn Bra Cameo:

resilientspider you probably shouldn't leave me alone in your house again :D
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