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Been a busy busy wolfie =D

Hey! guess what! just got a brand new computer, pentium 4, 2.5 gigahertz 512 megs of RAM
*yes im reading this off the label, i am so computer dumb*

heres what ive done with it artistically so far:

An EZ Board pic of me, that i hope will work

a little face sprite for myself
made one for Tavis
and Melissa's b-day is coming up so this is what i made for her for starters
While im at it with the wolfie faces i made Silver Huskey one as well, maybe she can use it for something i dunno..

and since i spent such a lovely day with XianJaguar, i made her one too

and tonight while talking to StarFinder i realized i hadnt drawn her anything yet *well, finished that is* so i made her one of them for starters ;)

aside from these i also learned how to do chrome effect on text, add a flamey/explody effect to text and make some cool shiny buttons that look like pills. mmm photoshop books ;)

so yeah, thats what ive been doing *keels over*
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