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Commission List - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Commission List
-18x24 - Completed
-kliefox - Sketching
-undeadonion - Not Started

-kylet - Sketch, started
-tugrik - Completed Need to send large file (Hey Tugrik, you sent me extra $, does that mean you want me to send you prints? Please get back to me)
-vantid - Upgraded payment, descriptions received, not started
-klandagi - Completed

-timberwolf4u - Sent revised sketch, awaiting approval/changes

If you have commissioned me, that is, no trades, and you are not on this list, please comment and I'll add you. =)

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: "Söhne Des Ares" by Orplid

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tugrik From: tugrik Date: August 14th, 2005 06:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
Consider it a tip for a job most excellently well done. :)
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: August 14th, 2005 06:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
Awwez <3 <3 <3 thankie thankie very muchly ;D
silverfoxwolf From: silverfoxwolf Date: August 20th, 2005 06:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
BTW I'm still interested in two Sarge pictures as in the mail that I sent you.
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: August 20th, 2005 06:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ah okay, I was actually waiting for you to get back to me on that since you said you wouldn't be able to do anything just then when you IM'ed me. As soon as payment's cleared and you send me references I'll get going on it =) If you need futher details lemme know, I believe I sent you the pricequote in those e-mails though and my paypal is the same e-mail addy.
4 comments or Leave a comment