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Whats the difference between Epsom salt and table salt?

You soak your feet in table salt theyll taste yummy.

okay, warning, this is a gross/painful entry:

yes, Thorn had an ingrown toenail. *gasp!* heaven forbid! i dont know what could have caused it and ive never had one before. mom says its cuz i switched from birkenstocks to fulltime converse..but i honestly just dont know. it was horrible! very painful, but my toe didnt look abnormal AT ALL. it just hurt =P
what REALLY made me nervous was thati thought it was gonna get as bad as Greggy's overnight. his was so horrible it was swollen up bigger than his face! i made him leave a sock on it at all times for fear of catching a glimpse at it. luckily my feet remained cute =)~
and i didnt try putting windex on it like in "my big fat greek wedding" though i wouldnt trust windex for much these days. after all, it says on the label that it shouldnt but it STILL leaves streaks on my windows =P

then Dad MD came to my rescue, made me soak my feet in hot water and epsom salt and was able to fix the problem. i feel SOO much better now! im gonna be more careful with my feet, not as anal as tavis mind you *he wont wear sandals =( * heehee, but still, more careful.

so yeah, lesson to everyone, FIX THE PROBLEM EARLY! or wearing socks will be mandatory.
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