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Announcement - New Journal - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Announcement - New Journal
Hey everyone! This is just an announcement that I've made a new closed membership LJ community specifically for myself gearpony, resilientspider and stahlhelm to post about our misadventures together or really just whatever the hell we want. I posted the famed Mammoth trip there already for your enjoyment, sans Mandalorian-speedo videos since stahlhelm has those , I'll let him post them (beat him over the head unless he posts them plz), but its basically a photo intensive journal that shows us, where we live, the weird stuff we do etc. I noticed that after the famed Mammoth trip a lot of you guys friended us even though Gutter's and Res' journals are friends only, so we figured we'd give you the mayhem you came here for all in one place.

The community is unf_tnk_howl, and you don't have to join it, just put it on your friends list and you can see all the chaos. A couple minutes ago I just posted a 29 picture update about my trip to the Indian reservation where stahlhelm lives, lots of cool scenery there, so definitely check it out if you like photos.

That's all =)

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