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I finished the last of my special offer digital sketches from awhile ago. Sorry kylet for the wait, I hope you like it =)

He wanted something OOC for Sarge, and well...he got it =) He's so awkward around the ladies ;)

Oh yeah and one more thing, I don't seem to have any kind of "artistic" icon or anything and some of you have been so nice to give me such wonderful gift art (like airukitsu who drew me a bunch of little thorn pics I added to my icons today) but if anyone out there would like to take a crack at making me some kind of "artistic" LJ icon I would be most appreciated. Unfortunately due to time constraints I don't think I could repay the favor, but I'd publically thank you and be all "omg yay" and love you forever. *puppy eyes*

Okay I'm just being pathetic ;)
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