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Simba Simba burning bright..

CW- your roaring simba plush has arrived in the mail. shipping in the US for a package that size is $5.50, i just gotta figure outhow much it will be to ship it to Canada. so yeah...its gonna be a little over $14 on the money order. just wanted to give you a heads up. i checked him out he is AWESOME! and the roar is very realistic ;) and growly =D
also i got my 3 part dreamcatcher today, YESSSS now all i need to get are those lion king trading cards

Tavis-Did that package i sent you awhile ago ever come in the mail? kinda makes me nervous...although nothing in there was above $1. =D

in other news today was pretty okay. We had a senior breakfast at 8:00, which in reality was 8:30 but at least i got there early enough to have my pick of the bagels cream cheese and sunny D as well as a picnic table RIGHT NEXT TO THE SPEAKERS!!! stupid R&B blasting in my hear *ouch*.
oh yeah, and i also was able to buy a $28 senior sweatshirt. i dont get it. on the back it says:
seniors you decide: #1 in class pride or something like that and then it says "were over it"
Over what? the fact that i had to pay nearly 30 bucks for a sweatshirt? i dunno about them but IM not over it =P

oh yeah, and near the end of lunch i started smelling BBQ, sort of a hickory smoke smell. it was not until the end of 5th period that i noticed that there is a rather LARGE fire just across the freeway and over a hill. theres ash raining all over the place. im scared. i dont think weve ever had a fire this close to RB. well...not while ive been alive.
driving home i saw a car fire and a small but seemingly contained fire between escondido and temecula right next to the 15 freeway. i saw a little more black smoke behind it but it kinda has me wondering if that is the one that is looming over RB at this moment =P *sighs*

so yeah, hope we dont have to evacuate. at least i can enjoy the smell of "burning" for awhile.

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