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Badge forkliefox and open commissions!

For kliefox, sorry about the wait, I hope you like it =)

Also I've decided to open myself up to more commissions not really limiting what type I can do. If you are interested and would like to commission me for something, anything at all, be it digital or real media or whatever, please leave a comment stating what exactly you would like, number of characters, medium, background etc, and I will reply back to you with a price quote. If for some reason I can't do the thing you asked due to lack of supplies on my part (for example, I can't do inked linework unless its digital because I lack adequate pens), then I will also let you know and you can pick something else if you wish. If you are still interested, I will put you on the list and we can work out other arrangements through e-mail (

Here is my updated commissions list (ie: not trades)

-kliefox - Completed
-undeadonion - Not Started

-silverfoxwolf - Second sketch - completed, First sketch completed
-vantid - Sketching
-growing_rose - Icon, paid - completed
-kcravenyote - 2 character digital line art - not yet paid
-calzephyr77 - 2 character color digital pic (already paid)

-kilojara - Not started
-rosequoll - Received full payment yesterday, not started

Waitlist (have not paid/confirmed):
-bloodhoundomega - Traditional, one character simple background
-cabbitwocky - Digital sketch
-animarelic - Detailed black and white
-jessmacphisto - Pencil sketch (to be mailed), Digital inking - ready to pay

Please let me know if I'm forgetting any commissioners

Trades will be completed in between commissions, no worries on those. I currently have some in the works (yours too, maskedoffender) =)

*Edit* Okay thanks to martes for reminding me, here's a list of things I will and will not draw:

What I will do:
-Animals (both anthropomorphic and non anthropomorphic)
-Dynamic Poses
-Character interaction
-Tasteful nudity (Nipples and non-aroused genitalia is okay)
-Tame affectionate scenes either heterosexual OR homosexual (ie: kissing and hugging, nothing more than that)
-Pinups (tasteful)
-Blood and moderate violence
-Adult humor (I have a pretty good sense of humor, I can take it ;)

What I will not do:
-Porn in all forms
-Excessive gore (blood is fine, serious gutting and disemboweling not so fine)
-Aroused genitalia
-Buildings (I'm uncomfortable with them as of now, this will change as I develop artistically)
-Technology (for the aforementioned reason)
-Images containing copyrighted characters
-Likenesses of actors (for legal reasons)
-Images depicting minors in an inappropriate or illegal fashion

If your character is just waaaay too difficult for me I will tell you flat out how I feel about it, if you don't mind me going for it anyways then hey, that works, but I won't say "oh yeah that 6 legged bat winged 19 horned centaur should be easy as PIE" and then give you a half assed drawing =)

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason (just putting that in there to cover my butt, had some experiences..)
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