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Emergency Commissions

Hey folks, I don't normally like to do this but I've run into a bit of a bind and I need money quick.

I'm offering 2 more slots on the commission list to commission me for whatever you'd like. Larger commissions preferred as I need a little over $100 (I'm moving into a new apartment pretty soon and the timing is way out of sync with my paycheck, that's what all this is about)

To the folks on the waiting list, you have priority but I can take 2 more aside from who's on the waiting list so that's no problem. So if you are on the waiting list and you are ready to get going, please either comment or drop me a note at, thanks! =D I'm either half way done or sketched with all my existing commissions.

If you are interested please comment with what you'd like and I'll give you a price quote. Those who comment first will have priority in me waiting for their answer =)

Thanks guys! (I know this isn't the most organized way to do things but I'm seriously in a panic here)
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