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Are you Itchy?

Fun for the whole theatre going family!

It's Tiffalynx's b-day tomorrow and we have a mutual "friend" that hasnt been too aware of her annoyingness and ability to piss us both off lately, with the exception of the fact that she invited Tiff to a waterpark for her b-day. Very kind of her indeed. However, her actions towards me have been sorta selfish and not to mention annoying. She often asks me to draw things for her stupid ASB deal only cuz "Ben Lee *arch enemy and all around bad artist/guy* refused to do it." coincidentally she asks me the night before she needs it and she nees a super job done too *timing?*
Last time she asked me the day after my mom got married and i was banished from the house when my mom/stepdad were on their honeymoon. Now that sux..asking me to do something while im emotional/displaced. I said im sorry i cant im going through too much. She got huffy with me and acted like it was the end of the world..its really not. its just ASB.
And everytime Tav leaves town she goes *ooooh are you sad??? Don't you just miss him? dont you just wish he could be there right now?* no shit sherlock, im downright almost in tears, thanks for rubbing it in.

Anyhow, so they were all planning to go to the waterpark, when she calls up Tiff and says "We cant go. I have a rash on one side of my body so, were not going. sorry."
That was Tiff's b-day present. Ah well, no worries she didnt wanna go anyhow...but still..we just felt like going over to her house and to make up for the emotional crap/mind games she puts us through go "Awww..are you sad? arent you itchy??? Dont you just wish your body wasnt encrusted with rashness?? dont you wish you could scratch and have it be all better? well gotta go bye-ee!" *snicker*

nah i wouldnt do that.

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