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my poor wuffy boy - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
my poor wuffy boy
okay, iknow its just bad news after bad news. my poor wuffy boy tavis had to have a camera shoved down his throat today. hes just now coming out of his "sleep state"
i forget what the procedure is called though. i feel so bad for him...its so pathetic to hear him mumble. makes me just wanna give him a hug and let him sleep. =*( i lovehim so much. i had to stay after school today to work on my animation, buti knew he would be calling so i brought my cell phone with me. i dont know if he tried to call my house phone or what but he said he was unable to get ahold of me. *keep in mind he was still sleepy* i felt so so bad! he kept repeating "i wanted you to be home...i wanted you to be home...bbrbrhrfffff....zzzzzzz"
*sighs* poor wuffy boy *pets*

on a good note i got new shirts and some black and white checkered shoelaces. im obsessed with checkers. just look at my wallet, backpack, shoelaces, etc. =P

gah. gonna go be productive now.
*kisses her wuffy....and ties her checkered shoelaces*

Current Mood: sympathetic sympathetic
Current Music: Ich Will - Rammstein

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