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I have just run into some hard times and I figured I'd let my commissioners know what is up.

I have until Halloween (the 31st) to move out of my apartment. It's against my will, but I have to do it otherwise I may very well be out on the street or bumming off someone's couch. My dog..well, I'll have to figure out a situation for her until I find a pet friendly place.

The next three weeks will be dedicated to finding a new apartment, reworking my budget and also possibly finding new job options, so my progress on my commissions may be a bit slow during this time. If someone needs theirs done before Christmas then please, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Depending on how quickly I find an apartment I may be able to stabilize fairly quickly and the rest of the month won't be so stressful. If this is the case I will be able to take one more full color commission (real media) to help with costs as I probably won't have much money by then, and can have that done by Christmas if the need be, but that is only if I get things squared away this month. I'd hate to make a promise to have it done and shipped before Christmas and not be able to keep it. Would anyone be interested in that if I were to offer it on furbid starting at a low price?

I'm near desperation at this point, but that is no reason I shouldn't fullfill my commitments. If there are any issues regarding this, please contact me

All items that are to be shipped to me, if you can, please do so within the next two weeks, after that I'm going to be shutting down my mailbox and will have to provide an alternate address.

Thanks for your time, help and consideration.

~A very sad Thorn
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