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Doodle book

I know I touched on this subject before but I'm starting to wonder if its worth putting together soon or not.

I was planning on doing a little sketch booklet of doodles and odd little drawings from my sketchbook complete with artists comments. They'd be about $15 each, $1.50 shipping within the US, $3.00 international but would have tons of stuff that's not posted here online as well as stuff that has already been posted. I'd say half of it will be completely new to folks. About the shipping though, since I won't be dealing at a con for quite some time, it also might not be a good idea to hold off on catching me at a con to buy one either as it might be some time, like a year..or, I dunno. Undetermined ;P

If I were to make such a thing within the next couple months, probably by next month, would anyone be interested in buying one? I want to see how many folks would genuinely be interested in this sometime before Christmas, since if not very many people are interested I'll hold off production till a later date (please note though, that holding off production doesn't mean that there will be more sketches in it, as I already have most of what I want for this edition together, so holding off doesn't really matter much in this regard.)

The plus side for me of putting it out early would of course be helping me out with current expenses due to my recent disaster (please see below post), but if no one is interested then I'll probably hold off a bit.

Please lemme know =) Comments and feedback regarding this is also greatly appreciated.

Poll #582730 Thornwolf Sketch Collection Edition 1

Would you be interested in buying this for $15 sometime before or around Christmas if it was produced soon?


Would you be interested in buying one sometime in the near future but not necessarily before the new year?


What should I title this thing anyway? (I honestly have no idea)

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