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Just to notify you guys what shipments are going out this week.

Conbadges (I finally got them printed!)
- undeadonion

The first 10 orders I received for the Thorn Doodles booklet (not going to specify names here since I don't know the LJ names for most of em)
I'm not sure exactly /when/ these will be going out this week, as I'm still waiting for my first paypal transfer to come through and can't ship them without shipping money will definitely be sometime this week though.

and silber's package. *giggle* package ;)

katarina42 I put your badge in with your booklet, that will be going out this week. I'll wait until after I've moved to ship your ornament as I still need to grab a box for it, the boxes they had at staples were way too huge.

Am I forgetting anyone on the conbadge list who still is waiting for me to print their badge?
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