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Commission list

Here is a list of my current commissions. If you do not see your name, it is either because you have not yet paid or I have made a mistake, please lemme know. Please also note these are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. I bounce back and forth between projects that have no particular deadline so I don't get bored. If you need it by a certain date please contact me and we'll work something out.

-rosequoll - One character pencil drawing
-kilojara - One character pencil drawing
-swanhawk - Color digital badge
-_graywolf_ - Full color real media portrait
-calzephyr77 - 2 character digital painting
-vantid - 2 character digital painting (detailed)
-jess_macphisto - Pencil sketch with digital inking
-kcravenyote - 2 character digital ink

Folks who have shown interest but have either not paid or not given me a description. This also includes folks who were on the previous waiting list but I have not since heard from. There is no rush for you guys don't worry about it, just lemme konw what's the haps =)

-uponravenwing - Not specified
-wa_lawdawg - Real media painting
-cabbitwocky - digital sketch (is this correct?)
-tania - LJ icon
-bearpawz - Not specified

I'm going to be moving this weekend so after Sunday I'm going to be pretty much incommunicado for a few days, so if I don't answer your e-mail right away that is why. Apologies in advance =)
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