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i think im starting to live up to the "productive" title people have given me =P

i dont know why people think im productive because im really not *keels over*
however i HAVE done quite a few things within the past 2 days:
here is a list of them

put up some new auctions (all are on furbid, if interested go check em out!):
new red panda plush * a very rare find indeed! i was shocked myself so i got myself one to keep and cuddle, hee hee*
new daffy duck plush *had him for awhile...never touched him*
new plushie wolf keychain *this is a KYOOT item, not to mention hard to find. once agian, i got myself one*

all auctions have the opportunity that if the bidding goes over a certain price then you can get a free print of either my red wolf or gray wolf were. *yeah, theyre the easiest to print, lol, not to mention G-rated*

i also put up some new print auctions
i inked Jerry's commission. i was gonna scan it but its HUGE! not to mention i need to hook up my scanner. jerry, omega is facing to MY left right? *crosses claws, please please please please* i have them facing opposite directions either way

starting on Simion Lonewolf's commissions *yes...finally....*
Made a magnet *my first one, Xian it worked! yahoo!* oh and go check out her auctions on furbid too, theyre grrrrreat! no really. go now. ill wait....

back? ok....
i also finished the final sketch for not one but TWO logos for screen printing. going to finalize them tonight.
made Naryu a head sprite *grin grin*
took a bunch of pictures of the things im preparing to sell on either furbid or e-bay. i just need help on one would i go about finding out shipping cost? i dont wanna go into a post office carrying a box and something in it and acting like a fool! lol
*is a fool*

finished my english paper, not to mention took everyones assigned paragraph and combined them to form one huge paper *i did the transition sentences*

i also made 3 new original sketches to put on is of a cute little fennec chasing a fuzzy caterpillar. i really like it =) the other 2 are a toony-furry fennec male and a toony-furry vixen. ill put up a notice when those are up for auction *needs to hook up scanner*
so yeah, thats what i did today and yesterday. *whew!*
unfortunately i had to skip hong kong club due to a horrible tummy ache that lasted ALL DAY LONG *ouchie* ah well....not gonna let that slow me down

now to go accomplish more! HUZZAH!
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