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Knocking down some commissions

Concept sketches for Rackety Raccoon

And a little something for myself to break the monotony, a depiction of mine and silber's relationship. I'd say this is an accurate portrayal ;P

Commission status update:
Rackety Raccoon - concept sketches
tania - LJ icon
-kilojara - 2 character pencil drawing - sketching
-kcravenyote -2 character digital ink - completed
-wa_lawdawg - 3 separate color character model profiles - not started
-rosequoll - 1 character pencil drawing - sketching
-calzephyr77 - 2 character digital drawing -completed
-_graywolf_ - Real media character portrait - sketching
-vantid - 2 character digital drawing (detailed) - not started
-jessmacphisto - pencil drawing and digital ink - sketched
-swawnhawk - digital conbadge - completed
-J.C. - angry LJ icon - not started
-Rackety Raccoon, secondary concept sketches
-Flap Doodel concept sketches
-Star LJ icon - not started

Folks who have yet to pay or tell me what they would like:

If I'm forgetting someone please lemme know.
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