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Tech Geek Question

Ok guys. I'm posting this here cuz I'm super retarded when it comes to computers and the internet and all that. I only use my comp for drawing, the occasional gaming and maybe a research paper or two, and the net for feeding my addiction. So, I need some help, but please, go easy on the computer tech lingo as when I say I'm computarded, I mean it. o_O

Here's the situation:

I still don't have internet and have been using the comp at my mom's apartment to update. She lives in the apartment next door to mine. She has DSL, I think wireless through the cable company. She suggested maybe we get some sort of wireless thing hooked up so I can piggy back on her internet connection from next door.

Dad gave me a brand spankin' new router in a box complete with instructions and installation software. The box says: "Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless -G Base Station".

I read the instructions on how to set it up and they seem pretty straight forward but I'm still kinda stupid.

The instructions say I need a computer that is connected with an Ethernet cable to my broadband modem. This is true already (I'm assuming) as there is a yellow cord coming from the back of the computer to the modem that says "Ethernet" ;P

Then it asks me if I have an existing router and want to set up this base station as an access point. What does this mean? I want to have a wireless connection from my apartment next door with my mom's computer as the source. Which computer do I do the setup wizard on, place the base station at, and follow all the instructions on?

I feel dumb ;P Throw tomatoes when ready.
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