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Another tech geek question, I'm almost there

First of all thanks everyone for your responses to that last e-mail and to altonwings for walking me through it step by step. Unfortunately I've run into another snag.

I've recently installed a microsoft base station and want to use a linksys adapter to connect to the internet wirelessly from another computer. I have a linksys adapter but I lost the installation CD so I downloaded the driver from the website onto my flash drive, brought it over to the computer I want to connect, and attempted to install it there. I also installed the microsoft software and since I am attempting to use a non microsoft adapter it prompted me to open that adapter's software and enter the network settings there. However the linksys adapter software won't let me enter any information. All the buttons are disabled except for "exit" after I installed it and I don't know where or how to enter the network information. Is there something important I'm missing by having lost the actual installation CD?


I'm feeling incredibly dumb right now, is there something I can do? Advice /much/ appreciated.
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