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Further Confusion Help

Ok guys. I'm going to Further Confusion this year as it turns out. However I will not be having a table this year *waaaaah sadfats*. A friend offered to sell some of my stuff at their table but unfortunately I think due to recent events and lack of communication that plan seems to have fallen through though I am grateful for the innitial offer.

So. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to sell my remaining Thorn Doodles booklets and possibly prints at their table?

I would gladly give you a Thorn Doodles book and your choice of 2 prints of your choice for your troubles *bats eyelashes*. While I would prefer it be someone I know or at least who I'm familiar with from the intarweb, any offers would be most appreciated and I'd love you long time forever.

Notes on the Thorn Doodles books I still owe people. Due to the move and recent fidgeting with my technolomological doohickeys (that is, having just gotten my internet back a couple days ago), I've only been able to send out a couple at a time, so sorry for the delays in shipping. Overseas ones are probably going to go out last because I'd have to take them to the post office myself whereas the in country ones I send through my mom's work. So sorry!

Anyhoo, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? <3 <3 <3
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