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gah! - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
such a busy weekend!

okay, not only do i have to take care of my dads girlfriends kids this weekend, but i have to take them to a costume shop, work on my commissions, do my homework, finish my screen printing logo AND wake up at 6 AM to drive down to San Diego all over again so i can take my freaking SAT's which i forgot i had! *keels over*
oh my god...im freaking out.....
i dont know math at all! *panicks*

on a good note im watching one of my favorite music videos of all time...Take On Me by Aha. this...video...ROCKSEZ MY SOCKSEZ man! if you havent seen it you MUST download it. probably the best 80s animation ever ;) well.....aside from all those spiffy 'toons *cough*noozles*cough*

Current Mood: stressed stressed
Current Music: Take on Me -Aha

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