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Thorn Doodles

This is just an announcement to say that all remaining orders for Thorn Doodles booklets have been sent out as of this week. If you do not get yours within 2 weeks from now (and I'm saying this for the international folks) please contact me. Otherwise, that's it for all that have been ordered. Sorry it has taken so long, its been a real hassle getting settled still since I have a very very small space to work in and all my stuff is still packed because I may have to move /yet again/ in January. Oy vey ;P

Another announcement regarding the booklets, I know I said I would wait until the third edition has come out to stop printing them, I am realizing that I am only one person and this is a bigger task than I had assumed and I don't really want to think about running two, much less three versions off at the same time, so your last chance to get a Thorn Doodles book is either before or AT Further Confusion 2006

If I have any left over, I will make a note as to how many I have left, but I will not be printing any more of Volume 1 after Further Confusion. Sorry if this disappoints anyone. However I will be making quite a bit for the con so they should last, and hey, you can still e-mail me before the con and ask for one no problem, just afterwards I'm putting the cap on it.

Thanks a bunch for understanding you guys. You're the best!
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