An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

More Spots Available for Digital Sketches!

I have 10 more spots available for $10 digital sketches, and this will be the last few I will be taking until I get more completed. Another reminder that each additional character for the sketches are $5 per additional character. Comment here if interested then e-mail me at

Get em while they're hot!

1.jessidear84 - 2 char - paid
2.jessmacphisto X2 - paid -one completed
3.ruggels -paid
4.tugrik -paid
5.casidhe X2 - paid - one completed
6.quatres_star - 2 char - paid
7.vantid - paid
8.aurorawolf - 2 char -paid
9.the_gneech - paid
10.tania -2 char -paid
11.hyenapaws -paid
12.camstone -paid
13.ellonwye -paid
14.klandagi -paid

*edit* Thats it! Thanks guys =) Please e-mail me asap.
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