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why do i always seem to get lost?

i got here *in lake elsinore* to take care of june's girls. we wanted to go to a halloween shop so we left the house at about 5 something ish. got to the place where dad SAID it would be...nope. didnt have one this year =P which is weird because all of the halloween shops that i have ever known to be a yearly thing have decided to not exist anymore. are they trying to cancell halloween??!
heaven forbid! its my favorite holiday!
so anyhow...we were trying to find the mall. Joy gave me faulty directoins and we ended up like..oh i dunno 20 miles south of where we should have been?!! needless to say i was upset.
but we DID find a new Chuy's location! its a really yummy mesquite style restaurant *mmmmmm*
we decided to head home and get some in n out burgers, after stopping at the nearest blockbuster. i had to ask them for their address so we could find them again to return the videos. =P
i ALWAYS get lost somehow! and im supposed to be the responsible one *shakes head in disbelief*

we watched "the new guy". i will say tavis was right.that is the stupidest movie i have ever seen since cabin boy. *why tim burton??? WHYYYYYY??!!!*

im really worried about tavis though. not only is he not answering his cellphone *which is a rarity in itself* he hasnt called me back within an hour and a half of me leaving a message on his voicemail.

also, when they shoved that camera/tube thing down his throat..they also took a biopsy...trying to see if he had cancer in his throat. they didnt tell him they were gonna do it in the first place which makes me wonder if they saw something suspicious...*frets*

where could he be??? *sighs*...this is so unlike him =*(

i hope he calls back soon.
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