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I decided to start making some public music posts because I'm starting to open up a little more..

Here's music a Thornwolf listens to (and I strongly encourage silber to download these, even though he probably has most of them already cuz we've decided that we're CLONES!!! *oooo wiggly fingers* EWWWW stop dipping into my gene pool ;___; )


VNV Nation - Chrome - Really clear vocals but not at all hokey like some techno/industrial songs have like "number 6! number 6!" or stuff about dancing the night away. Most of the cool kids I know listen to them so if you want to be cool like us you should download it.

Assemblage 23 - Disappoint (Funker Vogt Remix)- These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite groups ever. If you like VNV Nation you'll like Assemblage. Again, nice clear vocals but this time with a lower more gruff sound, but also not hokey.

Laibach - Tanz Mit Laibach - I actually like these guys a bit better than Rammstein in some cases, but they have the same "RARRR we're Germans and we're badass" appeal. Mrowl. But that's a given anyways.

Dismantled - Rush - resilientspider originally sent this to me, but now I'm all addicted and stuff. A nice heavy metallic sound with high energy, perfect for artistic motivation.


Bad Religion - Don't Sell Me Short - This one is for yelth, that is, if I haven't sent it to you already, I keep forgetting ;P One of my top "empowerment" songs I listen to when I need to feel, well...powerful.

Classic Rock

Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son - God I love this song, even though the imagery I get is long blonde haired rock vikings with jagged sleeveless shirts (oh wait that is kind of sexy). Carry on. ....*giggle*

Modern/Pop/What's currently playing on the radio these days

Stellastarr - My Coco - If you like Blondie's "Heart of Glass" you'll like this song. It has roughly the same tempo and energy.

Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body - This one is very mellow with some nice flowery guitar sounds with a slight western influence. The visual I get in my head when listening to this is when I used to go on long sunset trailrides at my aunt's ranch. ohhhh nostalgia!


Manheim Steamroller - We Three Kings -Instrumental/Harpsichord. I have a total boner for these guys. Most of you will probably remember them as "that horrid Christmas synthesizer band Bush listens to" but seriously...they have some good stuff. This is not synthesizery at all so stfu.

Manheim Steamroller - Coventry Carol - Again, not a synthesizer-full track, I think its Spanish guitar. This has to be one of my favorite Christmas tunes, so if that's not reason enough to download it I don't know what is.


Chocolat Soundtrack - Vianne Sets Up Shop - I really enjoy South American pan flute music and what luck, this movie had tons of it. This is one of the better tracks on the OST.

Cusco - Montezuma - A very meaningful song to me. This played when I was performing a right of passage (breaking a wooden board with my hand as a symbol of overcoming obstacles) , and also my parents played it a lot as background music in our old house, so it brings back a lot of fond memories. Very Peruvian once again, but with a slight modern twist to it with some synthesizer added in.

Jan Hammer - Crocketts Theme - A wonderful instrumental/synthesizer piece by the guy who did the Miami Vice themesong, but whereas the MV theme has some wailing guitars, this does not and it flows a lot better. It is also extremely 80's. 9_9

That's it for now!
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