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Music Post

Because the last one was so heavy in certain areas I decided to make up for it with a more mainstream post.


VNV Nation - Paint It Black - VNV's take on the Rolling Stones hit.

Laibach - Achtung - More stompy goodness. A lot more vocals in this one than the last one. Fortunately for me I don't yet know what they are saying so its not ruined for me :D

Apoptyma Berzerk - Eclipse - Got this one from stahlhelm

Bruderschaft - Forever - Got this one from ruggels, has some really nice beats, definitely something you could do some hardcore dancing to.

Gigi D'Agostino - The Riddle - Mine and silber's song *awwweeez*. To be honest Im not sure if I like this or the original better. I'll have to post the original and get some opinions.


Weezer - My Name Is Jonas - One of my favorite Weezer songs ever really.


Bravery - Honest Mistake - I don't quite know what to call this genre, my best guess would be funk for the 2000's but I'm not certain. It has a really awesome beat that is as appealing as Franz Ferdinand (The band, not this Austrian guy. I doubt he would be very musical)

Quad City DJ's - Come on and ride it (The Train) - "Come on ride the train...and ride it Woo Woo!" This is definitely one of my guilty pleasure songs.


Cornershop - Brimful of Asha - This is another one of those songs that people have heard but don't really think about it. I love obscure songs, they always come back to haunt you, especially in thornwolf posts. The best part of this song is the "Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow" part XD

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better - Its of my opinion that everyone has heard this song and just hasn't realized who or what it was. The most commonly remembered part is the "and do you feel scared I dooo..." part.
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