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I need help!

Okay so as some of you may know I have panels at FC 06 and so far only 2 and a half pictures filling them (the half being something I'm working on). But here's the kicker, I've run out of ideas. Moreso, I have a bunch of smaller precut mattes I want to fill so I don't spend too much money on supplies so here's where you come in. Will you help me come up with ideas of subject matter I should draw that wouldn't be /too/ hard that could fill ome 5X7 mattes? Larger ideas are also welcome. The only restriction is: No porn. These are general panels so anything I can get away with in the general section is fine, but no nippage. *unfortunately. I love drawing boobs*

And here's the kicker, if I end up using your idea you get a free print of the drawing you suggested me to draw.

God I feel like such a mooch, you guys are too good to me ;P

Poll #630834 Help Thornwolf fill her panels!

What would be an idea of some simple things that you would like to see me draw?

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