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Photo Post - Germany

Im not going to post photos under a cut only Im too lazy, and you knew there would be pics when you friended this journal, so there.  ;)

So far my trip has been positively awesome! Silber has been an excellent (and sexy) host and I warmed up to the foreign environment a lot quicker than I would have thought.

Im staying in Hofheim at Silber's place, the first day he and his brother picked me up from the airport and it was a bit rainy. Still no snow, but that is to be expected sometime today or tomorrow.
I was amazed at the architecture here, it is truly marvelously cliche!

Furthermore, if you see these buildings and want to know exactly how big they are, Im going to have to tell you, not very big at all. In fact, the doorways of the older buildings are so small that most folks cant walk through them without ducking. For reference, I'm 4'11", and here is the doorway of one of the older homes.

And because the town is so old and cars werent even a thought, the streets are VERY narrow as well. A mini cooper is a perfect car for this kind of environment, Id even think my car, a Jetta, would be considered bigger by these standards.

Its also kind of refreshing to see they dont have such gaudy Christmas decorations outdoors but rather classy ones.

It is also wonderful because most things here are within walking distance of Silber's house, including the bakery and the deli/butcher. Its so disappointing that they don't have bagels here (Jews, please come back! We miss your tasty treats!) but the alternative..some kind of really good roll, sufficed. Also I have found my new favorite: Smoked raw bacon. Silber asked me if I wanted some bacon, and I said sure, and he handed me this raw slab of thinly sliced pork. I expected he was going to cook it but he told me to eat it raw, which, being the person that I am who is terrified of pig diseases, I was of course horrified. Apparently this bacon though is very similar to lox, in that its raw and smoked but is perfectly safe to eat. Oh god oh god oh god its so delicious!

As long as we were sharing foreign foods, I gave him some boysenberry jam from Knotts Berry Farm (The and some fudge my mom and I made. He had never had nor seen fudge before, and I cant even begin to describe how funny it was when he and his brother opened their gift tins to see lumps of a glisteny melty brown substance with nuts mixed in. ;P

We also went to go see Narnia in Frankfurt. I will admit, Im not too fond of Frankfurt. Its very dirty and gross and completely unlike Hofheim. The theatre we went to was not very good either. It stunk, it was small, maybe sat 50 people per auditorium, the sound and picture was crappy, the bathrooms were unspeakable etc etc. It was kind of funny though, since the bathroom stalls have an "occupied" and "vacant" sign on the locks depending on if someone is in there or not, but of course they were in German. I kind of giggled to myself when another American was tugging on a door going "what does that say in german I dont know!"....really, just wait a few minutes and see, I think long bathroom lines indicate the same thing in every country: the stalls are occupied ;P

But I did take a few pics of Frankfurt. Sorry theyre a bit bad, my cam takes horrible night photos, but you can at least see the older stone towers mixed in with the 50's style buildings built after the war.

This scene looked very Gotham-esque, so of course I had to take a photo

Ill post more later when I get pics, right now we're hoping it snows *stares outside*
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