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Yesterday tascun was over and both she and silber decided that it was a good idea to show me what a good German breakfast was like. I, having never tried certain cheeses and meats or breads this wonderful country has to offer, of course didnt complain. Besides, I'm easily led in ways of the stomach, so anything involving eating is always more than welcome. We went to the grocery store and while at the meat and cheese section, silber told the clerks that hes trying to have his American friend sample various meats and cheeses, to which they were happy to oblige and cut us a few slices of each of the choice items I might not be able to find in the states, including a nice hunk of wild pig pate embedded with berries.

We also grabbed some fresh milk that, get this, has a 3.8% fat percentage. OH GOD YES!!!

On the way home we went to the bakery and got some bread to enjoy our meal with.

And here was the spread as we had it (complete with the Knotts boysenberry jam I brought from the original)

And so we gorged ourselves. I even tried limburger cheese, which, despite what Warner Brothers cartoons suggest, is really not at all bad. In fact its quite delicious and to me, doesn't smell as bad as some of the stronger swiss cheeses. I did manage to try some Hess cheese and oh god oh god that stuff reeks horribly. More for tascun ;P It reminded me vaguely of hairspray, but the rest was positively delightful. Oh and of course I overstuffed myself on raw bacon once again, not to mention the glasses and glasses of fresh fatty milk I glugged down.

Afterwards we did what anyone does on a full stomach...nap! (that sweater Im wearing btw is the German military pullover silber gave me, oooooo)

All in all it was a very fun day, and needless to say that was all I ate, especially since we ate almost the entire spread all in one sitting with just the three of us! We only had a bit of cheese left and just enough goose liver to spread on a little square of bread for breakfast. If only I could eat like a queen everyday ;) Thanks to my German hosts for making this a real culture rich experience!
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