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A notice about price changes on winged characters

I totally didnt think it would come to this but recent requests for winged characters has left me feeling that charging the same price for a winged character as a normal character leaves me losing a quite a bit of time and money. The reason for this is, when I draw wings, its about as complex as drawing an additional character, therefore twice as time consuming, that and the fact that I dont particularly like drawing them if I can help it. Sure I put effort into it, I usually like the end result, but its the drawing them that puts a lot of strain on me.

So, as of this point on, I will be charging a "wing fee" for winged characters. This might seem unfair, but you would expect an artist to charge more for more detailed inks or to add a minimal background, its really the same amount of work for me.

Dont despair though, Im not charging the same price for an additional character, it will be significantly less than adding an additional character. It will just give me a bit of extra money for my time spent, sort of like if you were to pay someone at an hourly wage, they would make more money for more time spent on a project, same difference, and considering this currently is my only job for the time being, I really should be thinking about such things. The wing fee will vary from medium to medium, and for color peices would more than likely rely on the complexity of the pattern of the wing, for example a raven wing wouldn't cost nearly as much as a red tailed hawk wing and so forth, so please contact me ahead of time with your proposal and Ill work something out with you. If you havent figured out by now, Im fairly easy to negotiate with, so nothing has really changed in that regard.

Thanks for understanding =)
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