An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Convention Rules, the FC edition!

Ive made some revisions for last time to properly fit this convention. Every convention is different ZOMG! Please don't think of me as an uber-picky person. I'm actually quite easy to get along with, but because of my size and past experiences I feel it necessary to get the basics down just so there's no awkward social moments. So without further ado, here are the Thornwolf Do's and Don'ts for Further Confusion 06

Please do NOT:

-Scritch me. I hate it, especially when done by strangers. I've had far too many anonymous folks come up and rub my back sensually without so much as a "hello" and it made me incredibly uncomfortable and I wish to not have a repeat of this. I'm coming to this con to relax and socialize, not to be molested by strange men, capice?

-Pat, scratch, rub, or otherwise touch the top of my head. I kind of feel that folks playing with my hair gets it greasy and grimey (and it does!) not to mention sometimes I get my hair gel to work with me and I really don't want to have a bad hair day that could have been avoided.

-Obsess over how short I am. Casually commenting is fine, and just to give you guys a heads up (hur hur) I'm 4'11". I am short. There, I got that out there. Please do not freak out and go "OMG YOURE TINY YOURE A MIDGET OMGWTF LETS PICK YOU UP!" Its like people constantly telling tall people "hey guess what you're tall". No shit. A brief mention of it is totally fine like I said, heck I know what its like to be expecting this hulking giant of a girl and see little ankle biting me, its kind of a shocker, but constantly bringing it up just rags on my nerves (and it would most people too). Plus its even more of a blow to the ego that my boyfriend is 6'1"-2" so I look even more miniscule by comparison, fortunately he won't be there for size comparison ;)

- That brings me to another note..YES I AM HAPPILY ATTACHED TO SOMEONE IN A ROMANTICAL WAY! Please do not sniff my hair *shudder*, hit on me, grope me, ask to date me, or anything of that nature. Im not the type to go "omg everyone in the world likes me and wants to date me" but given previous experiences (which I was shocked at, I thought this fandom was mostly /gay/ men) I've been thoroughly creeped out by folks coming on a little too strong when I reject their advances. So I'll just give you a pre-emptive "No" here and we'll leave it to pure platonic pleasantries at the con ;)

-Murring and yipping and otherwise not acting like a human when were in a public setting, like a restaurant outside the con hotel. I don't give a shit about Denny's cuz they're used to hobos and wasteoids so I doubt furry folk would freak them out much but anywhere else is kinda iffy and I'd appreciate it if you'd respect my embarrassment and keep it on the down low if we go to a shopping mall or something. Otherwise, like inside the con hotel, I don't care much.

-Tapping me repeatedly on the shoulder or otherwise heckling me when I'm OBVIOUSLY talking to someone else is rude. You shouldn't do this to /anyone/ in /any/ situation anyways, but I figured I'd list it here just as a reminder. Plus it will just cause me to ignore you further.

- Please don't be offended if I don't stick around for too long. This con has a /lot/ of people I look forward to seeing and I have a lot of socializing to do. I'm rather notorious for going "well that was great" and bouncing off to the next social event. If you know me and need to get in touch with me, I'll give you my cell phone number (For use during the con ONLY! otherwise I won't pick up unless you call me regularly like Kigs or Panth or something. I hate phones).

Please DO:

-Call me Thorn/Thornwolf/Nicole/Niko. I answer to most things. Thornwolf is your best bet if shouting over a long distance to get my attention. Thorn is less formal and I prefer it in casual conversation if you prefer to go by aliases. I don't mind either way.

-Please come up and say hi to me/introduce yourself =) I love meeting new people, but please understand that if I am already speaking with someone else, wait patiently until I am finished or there is a break in the conversation to jump in. Manners gets my attention most of all.

-Shake my hand. I prefer more normal methods of greeting to hugslobbers.

-Hug me. I'm one of those weird people who's not opposed to hugs (provided you bathe regularly..if you feel you may stink, don't bother, as I'm armpit level with most people height-wise). HOWEVER I try to reserve this for people I've communicated with either through Yerf or LJ, so really if I don't know you well at all then its probably best we kept it to hand shaking, but I'm not gonna bite your head off or run away if you hug me.

-Ask me to draw you stuff. I will be taking sketchbook sketch commissions at this con for $15+, just ask

-Feel free to come up to me in fursuit. I like (most) costumes and admittedly I've always had a fondness for hugging people in costume (stems from my many visits to Disneyland..squee!) So if you're a costumer and you don't like getting hugged, stay away from me ;)

-Invite me to dinner. The worst I could say is "I already have plans" right? Granted I would prefer this for people I've, again, communicated with through Yerf/LJ, as I don't particularly hang out with strangers for prolongued periods of time. Please be aware though that if you invite me, I may very well ask to bring along either yelth or vantid.

-Call my cellphone (if you have the number already) if you would like to get ahold of me. I'll have it on me. If I don't answer and you get a message saying "Hey its Nicole" blah blah blah, that is in fact me, leave a message and I'll gave back to you. Also, please give me your alias when leaving a message so I know who I'm calling, I'm horrible with real names.


Well that's it really, hope to see you at the con!
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