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why is it when i have something good happen theres a bad side?

Im really excited about how well my auctions are going.
someone bid on a print of my Fennec girl,
Caribou bid on this little Red Panda plush *although i hope it goes for more than 10..if it goes over 12 i think the winner gets a free print with no additional shipping..and id like tomake more than a $2.00 profit on this baby*

but this one i highly doubted was gonna sell. mainly because theres other animal keychains going for one dollar and mine was going for 4 bucks (i paid more than a buck for it..)
needless to say i was quite excited when someone bid $10 as their first bid...of course everyone who sells things knows this is mostly too good to be true. i was a victim of that "Chris" guy who kept bidding high and never paying. jerk.
so i checked out his ratings. all negative with the same problem. his check always bounced *groan* so yeah..i see my $10 bucks flying out the window as we speak *sighs*
i wrote him an e-mail though..

hello! this is Thornwolf. thank you very much for bidding so generously on my keychain auction. however, i have read your negative ratings and am very i do NOT want the same thing repeated. you MUST tell me if you are going to in fact pay for this keychain or not, otherwise i will not ship it. i always wait until payment clears before shipping an item and i rarely take checks.

please understand, although i am willing to sell it if you do in fact have the money in your paws.

hopefully that will get a quick response.

so yeah..if anyones interested in any of my auctions go ahead. *nudge nudge hint hint* lol!
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