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Just a note

Just a note to people who have unusual animal characters or just unique characters in general who might want me (or anyone else!) to draw them something at Further Confusion...

Please please please have at least one photo reference or relatively accurate drawing (or even written description) of what the animal/character looks like? I know that sounds totally whacked out but while I wish I had a complete atlas of every kind of lemur and mustelid that exists on the planet in my brain, alas, I do not. Yay for you for being unique, hell I have a few odd animal characters myself (not online unfortunately) but even though theyre my characters I sometimes need to remember how to draw non canine or feline ears or noses or something.

Im going to try to bring an animal book with me to the con in my backpack but them things is heavy, a simple printout picture helps artists lots!

Well...I'm gonna go back to the grind. *keels over*
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