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E-mail question

Has anyone had any troubles getting e-mails from me or sending me e-mails or me not replying to their e-mails?

The reason I ask is because silber keeps sending me mails from his independent account(s) and there's a significant delay from when he gets them and also when I get his responses. Also, he has had trouble receiving mails from folks as it seems, primarily from g-mail. For example, silverfolfen wrote him and it never even went through. If you've mailed silber and haven't gotten a response, I suggest you try again, he's very good about replying to e-mails usually, as am I, so same goes for me if you haven't gotten a response.

Im wondering if anyone else is having this trouble with g-mail and outside e-mail providers?

Oh and by the way thanks to everyone who helped me with my monitor. It /was/ a loose cable after all. How that happened, I have no idea, but I'm just glad I don't have to buy a new monitor right now *knocks on wood*
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