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Con Report

This year's con was awesome. Unfortunately I have no photos but only because I was majorly busy the entire time.

Wednesday: Arrived at ruggels (yelth was already there) and we had his usual wednesday night get together with a few of his friends, we also watched Team America which I had never seen and man oh man...I nearly pissed my pants laughing. I also put the finishing touches on a couple pieces for the art show.

Thursday: Still some final preparations for the con, such as matting, touching up pictures, packing up things I need to bring for people at the con. We went to the con hotel and got our registration shtuffs in order, I met up with vantid and we got together with iisaw (who was the guest of honor this year) and some folks for dinner in the tea garden. westly also met up with us and we got our registration in order before going up to iisaw's and checking out his fab presidential suite (which had its own jacuzzi....with its own TV!)

Friday: yelth and I set up our art in the art show, and we had gotten a tip that we should use strings to hang our images, so we did. About an hour later we get a call saying our stuff was falling down and the strings weren't working, so we came back and fixed them. Slightly embarassing but niether of us have done this before and we're more prone to follow advice being inexperienced. We used that opportunity to go check out the art show though, and I have to say, this year's art show was far better than last year, and much better than I had expected, even in the adult section there was a lot more...dare I say "tasteful" things rather than heaping gobs of spooge. It was also nice to see some of the artists I admire online finally get to post some of their stuff in the art show. I did notice though that a lot of the bigger name artists from years prior didn't have very many pieces in the art show, which was needless to say disappointing cuz I always enjoy seeing their new art even if I don't have a chance of winning their art :) It was really embarrassing though because as I was in the adult section I mentioned how awkward it is to be in there cuz you never know who you'll run into...and around the corner comes rtdn. It was a "facepalm" to end all "facepalm"s ;P

Wandered around the con a bit, ran into lots of people. vantid and I attempted to make dinner plans with folks but since we had a date to be at iisaw's room around 8:30 we didn't want to go anywhere that had a long wait, so her, panth and his roomie Lupis went to Carrows and had the worst meal but best dinner conversation ever. Later that night, yelth, ruggels, vantid, tasiia and some others went up to iisaw's room to play a rousing game of Tablero (a really kickass drinking game). vantid and I beat iisaw, which I figured I'd mention because it will probably never happen again ;D

Later on panth, gre7g, kyoht, kenket, gatcat, ssantara, goldenwolf, kayotae and co joined us in the room and there was much delicious beer drinking *courtesy of Gat* and eating of Goldie's leftovers. *namedrop namedrop oh look at me I'm so cool ;D*

Unfortunately ruggels wished to leave early and yelth was tired so we came back home and slept.

Saturday was really busy, and I kept checking the art show like I check my e-mail, but was disappointed. I was reassured by goldenwolfen that the bids don't really start until Sunday afternoon so I kept my hopes up. This being my first show I didn't really know what to expect. I mostly hooked up with people to do sketchbook commissions, I got a few, not very many but enough to keep me busy =) While I was sketching, vantid and I hooked up with rtdn and he took us to this awesome place that sells brush pens. Thanks Root! We then asked him to join us and some friends for sushi, the group was me, vantid,kilojara, panth, westly, crowe_basalt and her husband aiko_bakudan. We told many a horrible story of furries we had the displeasure of knowing/meeting, I don't think I've laughed like that in a long time XD Thanks for joining us guys! Later on vantid and I went to timberwolf4u's room party...

Oh my god I've never gotten so drunk in my entire life.

The whole evening from here on out just kind of runs together but I do remember riding and being ridden by northwolf bronco style around the room with a riding crop and a mountie hat, getting a peppermint patty from Timber, freak dancing with Vantid and some other people I can't remember, calling silber and passing the phone around while having my boobins groped by nearly every female(!!!) at the party, and crawling back into xianjaguar's room reeking of booze. There was also a point where vantid and I were wandering the lobby and fierycatthing's boyfriend made a crack about my tits, but its all in good fun ;D

The next day though...hoooo....

Sunday: I woke up, and everything seemed okay, but it wasn't until I got moving that I realized I had popped my hangover cherry. ZOMG first hangover ever! And ow....did my head hurt. I managed to eat breakfast and slink up to the art auction with my hat on my head, my hoodie zipped up tight hunched over wearing ruggels' aviators. I don't think I'm going to drink that much again.

The auction went well, I was really excited that one of my pieces went to voice, and iisaw picked my lion and mouse pic for the guest of honor best in show award, and I got a blue ribbon and this really kickass hand made dagger as a prize =) Thanks iisaw, glad you liked it! Also a big thanks to everyone who congratulated me at the auction, it was great to have you guys there.

Later that night I got together with calicougar, mistahbojangles, northwolf, dingybatty (and her friend), and westly at Spencer's for some appetizers and dessert. We told many a gross story, I think I broke Brian's brain with one of mine (sorry! ;D) and drew. I don't think the manager liked us lingering so long because when we got up to leave he says "oh? Leaving us so soon? ahahahahaha" Jackass ;P

Monday we came into the con late and I waited for westly so we can go out and hang out together. While I was waiting some weird furry came up to me and said "Do you need a hug? you look like you need a hug". I said "no thank you, imjust waiting for someone". Then they proceeded to poke at my kilojara badge, which was hanging so low it was at crotch level. They were poking my crotch >=(

So I took off my badge and walked away. Fortunately westly and crocuta came shortly thereafter and we went to their house to show me their new "hacienda" and their new cat. westly and I went to outback steakhouse and I shared my good fortune with him and bought him dinner. We ordered like...everything on the menu XD LOL jk, but it sure felt like it. Afterwards he bought me ColdStone and we nommed, came home, drew, and internetted.

A brief rundown of what sold and what didn't sell:

Bacchus (full size print 1/2)- sold (thank you gre7g!)
Berry Good - sold (unsure of buyer, but thank you much!)
The King's Mercy - sold (I don't know who bought it though but to whoever did, thank you!)
Runaway (an unposted collab between myself and silber - not sold
Leashed (another unposted collab between myself and silber - not sold
Check Mate (an original by silber) - not sold
Fall Friends - not sold
Elsa - sold off auction (thanks timberwolf4u!)

The remaining stuff Im not sure if I'm going to send to AC or EuroFurence..we'll see though.

So that's it for the con report, but I'd also like to add that yesterday ruggels, yelth and I went shooting at the range and it was wicked awesome...and..and and and!!! I made them a kickass dinner. Ill post photos of that later.

yelth has con crud so I better stop typing and let her sleep. Great seeing everyone at the con!
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